From Sunrise to Sunset

The most frequently used excuse is “I don’t have time”, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used that line lie before. The truth is, if you really look at any given day you will find that you waste more time doing more unproductive things than anything else. We all have something competing for our time, there is no doubt, In my case I have a full time job, a family of five, pets, friends, volunteer work, work around the house, etc.… honestly the more I think about it the less time I feel I have to write this post, so let me get to the point. The day has twenty four hours, right? And you can’t make more time, right? But there is one thing you can do, block your “you” time every day. Figure out how much time you need for yourself, whatever is required to complete your goal and carve it out of your schedule. Tell your support group that this is your time and to make sure you are keeping true to your goals. It is that simple, the rest is just excuses.

Week one of training came with its fair share of demands on my time, here is how it all went down;

Last day of vacation, the plan was to knock out the first run before we hit the road for the 6 hour drive home. Last chance to run my sunrise run on the beach… here is where Murphy’s Law steps in… because I’m following a new plan I need my Garmin, I know what I need to run but I want to make sure I have a record (Accountability to myself) guess what? watch is dead… apparently while downloading the plan the night before I drained the last bit of battery and it’s done. Ok, I have my phone and my other training app, let’s do this!!! Phone all of sudden resets on me and doesn’t want to come back on… are you kidding me?!?! I can run and hit the road later or just head back to the hotel room and run when I get home… Home it was… 8pm in the evening 4.19 miles 36:59 I need to go to bed…

Day two, back at work but before heading into the office I got in my first of two runs in. Wake up at 5 am and ran 5 miles 41:50. Coming off of a week’s vacation makes for a busy day at work, back to back meetings, running a payroll cycle, kicking off a testing phase of a project… this is a normal day… no time. But I always bring my gym bag to work and if there is a chance of a meeting cancellation I have no excuse. Hit the gym for 30 min at lunch for a quick core and upper body workout and back to work. Work didn’t wrap up until after 9pm, but I still had my second run to complete 4.9 miles 40:15… the day is done and so am I.

Day three is a cross training day which means no running, well that’s what the plan says but I need at least a warm up mile before I hit the weights. One mile run 8:32 followed by 30 min core and upper body work out. I’m still catching up from vacation at work, tons of meetings, emails and payroll again… trying to do as much as possible so I can get home at a decent time and get some rest… not likely…. I told you I have three kids right?  Setting aside time for me means I have to respect and support the time my wife sets aside for herself too, therefore the evening goes a little like this; pick up the kids, cook dinner, make sure everybody washes up, baths, gets ready for bed, I have to shower, do the dishes, prepare lunches etc.…

Today calls for two runs, this is a very challenging plan but my goal is a lofty goal. I have to shave off at least twenty minutes off my best time to qualify for Boston and when you are running 26.2 miles twenty minutes is a whole lotta time…. First run 3.5 miles 30:27 at 5 am then it’s off to work, did I mention before that every morning I wake up my kids, get them ready for school, feed them breakfast and then drop them off on my way to work! Are you sure you don’t have enough time?!? I was feeling ambitious today, two meetings cancelled so I thought I’d take a go at one of my favorite circuit trainings; The Vern; 30 pull-ups, 60 dips, 75 push-ups & 90 sit-ups with a quarter mile sprint in between each set of exercise. Covered 3.02 miles 22:58 for a 34 minute workout. It’s amazing what you can do with half an hour. Got home and after everyone went to bed I ran my second run of the day (technically third) 5.47 miles 46:34 at 9:34 pm… shower and out cold….

Day off!! No running no working out, just work, morning meetings more emails all caught up (well sort of) taking it easy today maybe do some laundry, running out of running clothes and underwear…

Day six, another two runs today, I’m starting to not like this plan… but bottom line is you have to put in the work. What comes easy doesn’t last and what lasts doesn’t come easy, it’s that simple… so I’m up at 5:30 head out to the park to meet my F3 Brothers and we go for a run 6.37 miles 52:07 then we have a one hour bootcamp which we ended up doing hill repeats for what felt like an eternity and covered another 2.3 mile… I think I’m going to die… my legs are mad at me and I still have a second run today. Oh, and remember I told you I had just gotten back from vacation? Well that means that my house is a little bit of a mess, yard needs some serious attention and well it’s got to be done, good thing it’s only 100°F outside. Taking it as easy as I can the rest of the day; I get my second run in at around 4pm it’s still super-hot and I probably shouldn’t be running outside but 3.7 miles 42:11 later (yeah that was slow and it hurt too) and I’m done.
Long run today; the plan calls for an easy 90 minute run, I’m out the door at around 6am 9.97 miles 1:30:41. That’s it I’m done for the week… Sunday is a rest day

Long Run Sunday
Every day you will face some challenges, it is up to you to overcome them and chase after your goals with relentless passion or to find an excuse and quit. Don’t let time be your excuse, we all have the same twenty four hours and what we do from sunrise to sunset is entirely in our control, make every minute count.
Week two, I’m coming for you… watch out!!

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