Finding motivation amidst excuses and distractions

Let’s be real for a moment, often times we fail because we give up at the slightest hint of defeat. And most of the times we just lack the motivation to overcome what we perceive to be in the way of our success. It’s like little gremlins waiting on the sidelines ready to mess up our plans when we are at our most vulnerable. I hate to break it to you but there is no simple solution; you will always encounter some challenge, resistance, distraction, etc.… but how you react to these can make the difference between success and failure. For me I always have a plan B; if I can’t run in the morning, I run in the afternoon. If I’m tired of running in the neighborhood, I go to the nearest trail. If I really need some motivation, I completely remove myself from my comfort zone and take my run where I have no “out”. My favorite is running in the mountains; whenever I find myself slipping, I pack my hydration pack a change of clothes and get in my car, 45 mins down the road is Crowder’s Mountain State Park, once I’m there I have no other option but to lace up and get it done. Kick those little gremlins in the butt and find your “go to” ultimate motivation, always keep it in your “back pocket”, it will be your life line whenever you are staring defeat in the face!

After a busy weekend it’s always difficult to find motivation to kick off the week, however planning out your day always helps. Monday’s at work are always full of meetings so for me it’s easy to see where I have pockets of time and filling that time up with meaningful tasks helps with finding the motivation I need to stick to my training plan. My lunch break is taken up by 30 minutes in the gym working on upper body and core conditioning. This one was tough; the race I ran on Saturday drained my upper body strength so a low impact recovery style workout hit the mark. Afternoon equals more meetings which is ok, these are on the schedule for the day, not the most exciting way to spend the day but productive nonetheless. FullSizeRenderStop at the trail on my way home for my recovery run 4.8 miles in 40:10. Plenty of time left in the day for some family QT and rest.

August is here, wow this year is just flying by… Today the plan calls for two runs; an easy 30 minute which I quickly took care of 1st thing in the morning 3.92 miles in 31:40 at 5:12am (way too early for me) and an interval run later in the day. But before we get to that; finding motivation today was difficult, between fatigue and some serious and legitimate roadblocks it took a lot of self-preaching to overcome them. We have a toddler in our house and his job is to spread germs, I mean he’s a pretty cool little man but his job is to share the joy of sickness. So in the spirit of giving he did, gave all of us his bug… Any runner will tell you that having stomach issues is no fun on the run; you usually end up with a #2 dilemma at the worst possible moment. Well trust me it doesn’t make you run faster either… So, what do you do? You set a small goal and you PUSH (figuratively not literally, that would be bad) Persist Until Success Happens. Here is how it went for me; Goal: go out and run the plan time, motivation #BQorBust, result 7.17 miles in 1:02:30, reward let’s just say the day got done! Thank goodness!!!

Halfway through the week and already ready for the weekend, if that’s not motivation I don’t know what is… today as in weeks past is a cross training day, after a few morning calls I head to the gym for my lunch workout session. One mile warm-up followed by a quick weight circuit and a mile cool down to close it out. I’m not a fan of running on the treadmill, but for days like today I’m glad we have them available. The afternoon is quiet and I’m able to catch up on a few less critical work deliverables. Heading home at a decent time is always a plus!

Finding motivation to run during an incredibly busy day can be tricky, especially when you are traveling between multiple locations during the day. Today it wasn’t easy; I had two runs and a very small window to get my runs in. To ensure I didn’t skip, I took my gym bag to my client meeting and found my window in transit back to the office… The little sugar creek trail is close to downtown Charlotte and long enough to get my 30 min run in with no problem. As soon as my meeting let out I rushed to the parking deck, changed into my running clothes and got on the trail 4.09 miles in 32:52. After a quick drive back to the office and an afternoon full of meetings, I’m off to pick up the kids and head home. IMG_1907Dinner, showers, bedtime hugs and kisses and I’m out the door for run number two 9:30 pm 8.31 miles in 1:08:52.

Today is my rest day it’s also my little brother’s birthday so I’m going out with the boys tonight! It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to hang out and you would think I would be jumping at the bit to go out, but I need a little motivation, maybe not motivation more so inspiration. We lucked out and got some tickets to the Carolina Panthers fan fest. IMG_1952We shall see what the night brings; I have two runs tomorrow so I need to be responsible.

I got in really late last night and as you can imagine a morning run was not going to happen, but in actuality no run happened at all today. I’m a little disappointed in myself, three weeks into a training plan leaves no room for skip days like today… Ok so I was a bit irresponsible last night and got carried away, in conversation and catching up with the boys got the best of me today. Not all was a waste though and if my skip days means I get to spend all day with my kids I’ll take it. We went to a birthday party, Hung out at the pool, did a movie marathon and a couple of naps with my little man made for a great day, even if I missed out on my runs. Tomorrow is a long run so I’m going to bed early.

Up at 4:45 out the door at 5:08 and got my 12.31 miles in 1:45:06. This run felt good no need for extra motivation it just needed to happen and I got it done. The rest of the day is just icing on the cake. IMG_1954

Sometimes you will fail and that’s ok, it’s up to you to find the positive and use that to propel you to whatever is next on your journey. Don’t let a single slipup derail you, use it to your advantage learn from it and apply these learnings to everything you do in life. For me the lesson the week has been; just because I know I can do something doesn’t mean should do it. Week 4 bring it on!!!

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