What are you running away from?

I often ask myself this same question… When I first started running the goal was to live a healthy lifestyle, to find a path forward that would allow for a more meaningful and fuller life. Over time, running has become my escape, my way of disconnecting from the world and living in the moment. Ironically, the time I spend shutting out the noise of the world has allowed me to realize that I am running away from everything and running towards everything simultaneously. Running has afforded me the freedom to reflect on what I have experienced in life and at the same time, allowed me to focus on what is ahead. I’m not only a healthier person when I run but I am also a better person because of it. Find your passion and run towards it with relentless vigor, let it be your escape from the noise of the world but allow it to be your compass as well. So whenever you are asked; what are you running away from? Say proudly, not a thing, I’m running towards the best possible me I can be.


Today the day started off with some torrential downpours, ordinarily that wouldn’t deter me from lacing up and going for an early morning run, however my body told me I needed the extra hours of sleep. I’ve learn to listen to my body and that has worked to my advantage many times. So, I’m off to work after my regular morning duties, a busy morning of meetings wraps up around lunch time and I seize the opportunity to get a 30 minute run in. (3.64 miles in 30:15) more meetings in the afternoon make for an unusually long Monday. Off of work a little late then planned so I can’t go to the trail, I guess it will be a late run tonight. Well after dinner, showers, bedtime hugs and kisses I’m out the door 9:19pm 5.19miles in 40:21. That one felt good!


Up at 5am for a recovery run 3.51miles in 30:24 today is another one of those “two a day” as per the plan, and with a busy day ahead it’s going to be a long day for sure. To add to an already packed schedule my oldest is out of summer camp this week and well she will be my “wing woman” all day. I hope not to bore her to death… After the other two kids are dropped off at camp and daycare, I’m off to work for the morning, its picture day at work (yes picture day like back in school picture day) I also have some in-person meetings and then its home for the remainder of the day. Working from home is a blessing and a curse, I so want to go for my second run, but today I’m too busy and I have a follow-up dentist appointment in the afternoon… I hope that I get my mouth fixed today… this is getting old! Success!! You have to celebrate the little wins; down to the last few steps in the process of a new smile (I’ll tell you the entire story about this at a later date). A couple of late meetings and I’m done for the day. Normal family routine and off to my second run. 9:39pm 8.23miles in 1:07:03… result = exhausted…


I thought today was a rest day… Come to find out I have an “easy” run to do, it’s going to have to wait until the evening… Work is a little slow today in the morning; I can use it to catch up on a few things but the afternoon is jam packed with meetings, woohoo! (That was me being sarcastic). I’m going to join the NODA Run Club tonight for a change of scenery and a beer. So we got to NODA a bit late but still made the run and the beer happen.


I have two runs today so I have to get an early morning start; 5am and I’m out the door 3.64miles in 30:14. Time is getting slowly better, with emphasis on the slowly part… I have a busy day today starting with the morning drop off, never a dull moment when you have three little ones. Days full of meetings are good and bad, too busy to do anything else but on the bright side the day goes by quick. Heading out to dinner with the family was probably not the smartest thing to do before my second run. I didn’t get out the door until 10pm, but I got 9.31miles in 1:20:25. This humidity is killer, staying on pace and hydrated is extra challenging this time of year. But the goal is straight ahead, you can never lose sight and you can never be discouraged #trainwithheart #BQorBust


Today is my day off, from training that is. Always fun when someone schedules a meeting at 5:30pm on a Friday 🙂


I can’t have a repeat of last Saturday so I’m out the door at 5:30am. I meet up with my F3 brothers and get a nice run in before our bootcamp (6.33miles in 52:31). Bootcamp today was just what I needed. Two rounds of; 50 squats, 20 burpees, 20 decline push-ups, 30 sit-ups, 50 step-ups and 20 uneven push-ups while carrying ~35lbs sandbag (we covered 2 miles as well). There is no better way to start your Saturday morning than with an old fashion F3 beatdown… I spent the rest of the afternoon at my neighbor’s house today, after almost 8 years of living across the street they are moving, I hate to see them go but I’m super excited for them. They are making that forward progress we all work hard for, running towards their dream home and the future. I drank too many beers now I have to run my second run of the day in this insane humidity with a little buzz… I told my neighbor that I was coming back and jumping in the pool after my run… best idea ever… I’m going to miss them…


Getting out of bed today was a struggle, not because I have a long run but because I’m just exhausted. I got up before the alarm went off and it took every ounce of will power to not go back to bed… I’m out the door at 5am and I’m struggling to get the pace right. The temperature is 73°F but the humidity is at 98%, it’s like running in a sauna… Halfway through the run I’m done, mentally out of it, but luckily I ran far enough away from the house that I have no choice but to finish. If you set yourself up for success it naturally happens and conversely if you set yourself up to fail that will happen too… I spent the rest of the afternoon with the family, getting them outdoors showing the kids how the right kind of distraction can make a difference between success and failure.

This week I did run away from something, I ran away from defeat, I ran away from my fears, I ran away from my excuses. I did a lot of running; I literally covered over 64 miles. Some days where a struggle for many different reasons, but every day I got up and laced up my running shoes and got it done. Make sure you are running towards your passion, running towards your goals and as we say in Puerto Rico; not a single step back, not even to gain momentum…

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