Those who are faithful to their dreams are destined to reach them…

Success means something different to each individual. It is personal and the value placed on it is immeasurable to each and every one of us. Don’t let the world distract you from reaching your goals. Stay focused and true to your convictions, because in the end only you will know the worth of it all. These are words I tell myself every day, regardless of the circumstances. Believe it or not when things are going well and everything is sailing smoothly, that is the moment you need to listen to these words and pay close attention because those who are faithful to their dreams are the ones destined to reach them. You see; when circumstances are hard, when life gets tough and complicated, it’s easier to stay focus and grounded in your convictions, they become the “distraction” you need from all the noise. But beware of the calm, which is where the wrong kind of distractions comes in to pull us away from our dreams, we become complacent and comfortable. We stray from our dreams and fill our days with more and more commitments and we lose sight of what truly matters.

Writing this blog is not easy for me, it never was meant to be easy, it never was meant to be a distraction either; the sole purpose is one of inspiration and accountability. I hope to inspire others through my training and my experiences and in return I expect to be held accountable. As I recount the last two weeks of my training I hope you find that little push you need to chase after your dreams.

Monday 9/11

I actually missed a run today; it was unintentional but a miss nonetheless.

Tuesday 9/12

I told myself that regardless of what was going on around me that I would get this done today… Lunch run on the hamster wheel 3.67miles in 30:01 my second run was late in the night and a little faster 5.90miles in 45:18.

Wednesday 9/13

Interval training today with 1000m repeats 8.05miles in 1:04:28

Thursday 9/14 & Friday 9/15

Plan called for both days off, so I took both days off.

Saturday 9/16

10K race in the morning to start off the day 6.26miles in 46:38 second run today happened at night 4.13miles in 31:41

Sunday 9/17

My long run today was 18.28miles in 2:40:47. Not as good as I would like for this far into my training but at least it felt good. Also in my defense it was 5:30pm and 84°F when I started running.


No run today as per the plan and I’m going to listen to the plan


This is where things get a little complicated… there is this little storm Maria that is being somewhat of a distraction. You see I may live in North Carolina, but most of my family lives in Puerto Rico and this storm is headed straight to my mom’s house… I need to focus and I get my two runs in back to back with a short break in the middle. 3.66miles in 30:02 (warm-up/recovery) 6.64miles in 52:49 (1000m repeats). It’s going to be a rough night.


News from the storm has got me very distracted, to the point where I couldn’t run today. Just not focused and worried about my family


No word from home, trying to distract myself a little but too much going through my head… 4.11miles in 50:29 skipped the second run.


Ok this is just getting insane, three days and no word from family and friends back home… the pictures are just heartbreaking and the stress level is beyond understanding. Today is an off day but I need to run, I need to make up for my missed runs, I need to stay faithful to my journey. First run 3.78miles 30:03, second run 5.51miles in 42:42. Third run was training for my “Let me run” boys at the elementary school 1.62miles in 21:36. I needed this!!


Day four of no communication with my family from Puerto Rico, today I choose to spend time with my wife and kids we are doing it all together, hard to make it through the day without thinking about my family… easy run 5.31miles in 57.18. Close to the end of the day we got word from a neighbor back home; mom, boyfriend and my aunt are all safe they are going to try a venture out tomorrow and try and call; such a relief…


Day five and the weirdest thing happens, I get a voicemail from my mom but no call… I feel like I’m being tortured… I ran my long run feeling so much better about my family 13.1miles in 1:45:50. About half an hour later success!! I was able to talk to my mom and everything is where it should be again.

The last few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster ride. I have family in Texas that were impacted by Harvey, I have family in Florida that were impacted by Irma and now my beloved island devastated by Maria. I don’t know about you but all of that has been more than enough to bring me to a stop more than once and start thinking about my life… am I truly being faithful to my dreams? I can honestly tell you that the answer is no. I continue to be distracted by the noise around me, I am constantly held back primarily by the fear of failure. But I’m determined and continue to make forward progress, everyday inching closer to where I need to be, shutting down one distraction at a time and embracing the lesson in each struggle. A friend shared a blog this week and it talked about stepping outside of your comfort zone; these words from the author stood out for me the most; “People tend to forget that struggle and discomfort are where all growth happens.” Elliott Pak.

Never stop growing, never stop learning and stay faithful to your dreams, regardless of the literal or figurative storms that maybe pulling you away… see you next week! 

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